Welcome to Mr. Bookmark
Mr. Bookmark is a free, no nonsense, lightweight, and simple bookmark management tool that has everything you need (but nothing you don't) to keep your bookmarks safe, organized, and accessible.

Mr. Bookmark allows you to store any kind of link you can imagine from regular HTTP URLs, to Emails, to SSH connections. If something is a valid URI Mr. Bookmark can almost surely store it for you.

Advanced Features
Mr. Bookmark has features you won't find on other bookmark tools, like the ability to store and launch parameterized URLs with custom parameter values and the ability to create shortlinks for any of your bookmarks.

Mr. Bookmark also keeps tracks of changes to your bookmarks so if you change a bookmark's URL you never have to worry about losing the old URL, it'll always be only a few clicks away.

More Than Bookmarks!
Mr. Bookmark supports plain text paste storage, perfect for keeping notes and code snippets handy for later and if you need to store a file? Mr. Bookmark supports basic file storage*, allowing you to upload and share documents.

I'm sure you'll love Mr. Bookmark, so why not give it a try today?

* File storage is only available for trusted users. You will need to request access.
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